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Monday - September 26

10:00 AM  Pre-Conference Gatherings

Children's Ministry Meet and Greet 

Lake Room North

Hosted by Cristi Moore

Youth Ministry Meet and Greet

Lake Room South

Hosted by Greg Rusch

1:00 PM Workshops

Start Your First 18 Months Right

Roadside Extension

Kirsten Knox

Starting in a new ministry job can be excited and overwhelming! Quickly, you begin to ask the question, "where do I start?" "How do I know what to prioritze first?" "How will I ever remember everyone's name?" In a new place, there is lots to learn and lots to get done. Join us as we explore where to begin, how to evaluate prioritizies, and create a strategy that will allow you to start strong and be successful.

The Importance in Considering and Understanding the "Mental Health" of a Family Unit

Lake Room North

Dr. Elizabeth Dumville

We will define what is considered to be the “mental health of the family.” We will also examine various protective factors and risk factors which contribute to a family’s overall mental health. Additionally, we will discuss the importance how the combination of these factors impacts a family’s ability to communicate, problem solve, and relate to one another.

Ministry Sharing: Discussing Our Wins,

Losses, and What We're Learning

Lakeside Extension

Alison Van Duyne

Guided round table discussion where you can share ideas, ask questions, and find encouragement from other ministry leaders.

Idea Sharing: Children's Ministry

Lake Room South

Rev. Carey Stevens

Ministry is hard work, especially when you are doing it alone. This workshop will be a space for folks working in Children's Ministry to share ideas about what works, what hasn't worked, programing wins, and ways to help the families in our churches and our communities.

A Vocabulary for Being: the Enneagram, Ministry, and How to Load a Dishwasher.


Rev. Michael LeBlanc

The Enneagram was the biggest craze of 2019, but beyond the personalized mugs and memes there lies a vocabulary for how God has made us and the people we serve. This ancient soul vocabulary is more than a personality test, it gives us new words for how God made us. We will talk about the different types, try and zero in on our own types and learn about how our types influence our role in ministry. We will also talk about how the Enneagram can help us minister to parents, students and volunteers.

3:30 PM Workshops

Child and Youth Protection Policies Tips and Tricks

Roadside Extension

Cristi Moore & Rebekah Saveland

Child and Youth Protection Policy, where do we even start? How can anyone do ministry with all these restrictions? We will walk through all things CYPP from both a children's and youth perspective. Then we will share some helpful tips and tricks to make your job easier and keep your church complaint while everyone stays safe.

Spiritual Practices for Those in Seasons of Transition

Lake Room North

Rev. Christy Allen Holden

When the ever chaotic world around us has us swirling, there are holy habits we can hang onto that can help. Let's talk about what spiritual techniques helps us stay "Rooted" when everything else is in a state of flux.

Leading in a changing Youth Culture

Lakeside Extension

Kirsten Knox

The demands to adapt and overcome in our fast-paced, ever-changing world seem never-ending. As we unpack the shifts we are seeing in this generation, you'll gain confidence in making critical adjustments to increase your effectiveness in building a thriving ministry.

Evolving Education: Not Your Grandma's School

Lake Room South

Heather Lowry

School culture is always changing but in the last three to five years we've seen unprecedented changes due to Covid, school shootings, racial tensions, and the increase of mental health awareness. This workshop will provide student and teacher perspectives about the current issues that students are facing today.

Tuesday - September 27

9:00 AM Early Bird Workshops

Sticky Faith Conversation:

When our Students Graduate High School

Lake Room North

Joel Pancoast

What happens when our students graduate high school? This conversation hopes to explore ways we can help our students prioritize their faith journey when they graduate. What role should we play in helping them connect to a faith community? 

Design Teams; Making teams that help you get stuff done!

Lake Room South

Kali Grenus

Whether you have a team of volunteers (or like many do not), putting together a team of people who can help with the planning of an event (or even planning out all things in your ministry) can help you, and your ministry to hear from all points. In this workshop we will talk about recruiting people to be on these teams, meeting strategies your the overall goal or mission is not lost, and how these teams can help benefit your long range planning.

Self-Guided Devotion Time 


For once, this time is yours. After years of creating devotions or leading lessons, this is an opportunity to spend time in the quiet of the chapel on your own. The Rooted design team has prepared a devotion for you to read or you can simply bring a journal, your bible, or just your thoughts to the chapel and enjoy this time alone with God.


Trading Places

Lakeside Extension

Rev. Madeline Luzinski

Take a break from being the leader and spend some time as a student. Join Madeline in a time of reflection and fun. Receive encouragement for your spiritual journey and reflect on how your personal journey of faith affects your ministry.

1:00 PM Workshops

Volunteer Development

Roadside Extension

Emily Maria Felgenhauer

Need help recruiting volunteers? Need help in sustaining volunteers? Learn how to make volunteering in your ministry the best thing your church has to offer! You'll learn how become a magnet for people wanting to serve with you and your ministry!

MAC Track - Helping Students Discern Their Calling

Lakeside Extension

Rev. Macon Armistead

Ministry As Calling (MAC) is how we hope our young people engage their faith. A call to serve Christ and others that is bigger than themselves. However, if our understanding of ministry is only preaching from a pulpit, then we may be creating barriers to the full, expansive work of the Holy Spirit. This workshop will provide tools, methods, and experiences of this program in action, with time for questions and conversation around making it replicable in your context. Let's set a wide table of ministry for our youth.

Partnerships: Church, School, & Community

Lake Room South

Faye Umble

It is important to be involved in the lives of our families. Being involved in our schools and our community is a great way to do this. This workshop is a great conversation about how to build relationships between our church, our local schools, and our community. What types of programming and support can we engage in to share our mission of transformation outside the walls of the church?

4:00 PM Workshops

Confirmation 101 / United Methodist Theology

Roadside Extension

Joel Pancoast

Is confirmation part of your job description and you aren't quite sure what it is? This class is designed to talk about United Methodist Confirmation and the basics of United Methodist history and theology. This conversation is an intentional look into our connection and the basics behind our core beliefs.

Telling the Story

about Today's Young People's Ministry

Lakeside Extension

Savannah Rogers

You've probably been asked before, how come we don't have youth Sunday school anymore, or why is the children's ministry not as large as it was 20 years ago. You also may have heard people throwing out their own narratives about the younger generations are just not interested in God anymore. Sometimes these questions and narratives take on a life of their own and overshadow the great work that is happening in our young people's ministries. In this workshop, we'll talk about trends we as seeing as well as ways to communicate this to volunteers, other staff, and other members of the church. The story of what your ministry is doing is important, and others need to know it.

Leading While Deconstructing

Lake Room South

Rev. Jad Denmark

What does it mean to be rooted and grounded when it feels like the ground from underneath you is shifting or the roots that you inherited are shallow? We will explore ways we can / should / could examine our imbedded and inherited faith while seeking to disciple others into a more grounded faith.

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