Workshop Times Posted Before Event

Volunteer Development

Emily Maria Felgenhauer

Need help recruiting volunteers? Need help in sustaining volunteers? Learn how to make volunteering in your ministry the best thing your church has to offer! You'll learn how become a magnet for people wanting to serve with you and your ministry!

Fresh Expressions

Brittany Leclair

Are you looking for ways to be the church for the unchurched/dechurched in your community? Join us for a conversation on the "loving first" journey of Fresh Expressions as we discuss how to begin/deepen relationships that might become a form of church for the changing culture.

Telling the Story

about Today's Young People's Ministry

Savannah Rogers

You've probably been asked before, how come we don't have youth Sunday school anymore, or why is the children's ministry not as large as it was 20 years ago. You also may have heard people throwing out their own narratives about the younger generations are just not interested in God anymore. Sometimes these questions and narratives take on a life of their own and overshadow the great work that is happening in our young people's ministries. In this workshop, we'll talk about trends we as seeing as well as ways to communicate this to volunteers, other staff, and other members of the church. The story of what your ministry is doing is important, and others need to know it.

Mental Health for Your Students

Kelly Minter

Do you know how to support the changing needs of your students? Do you know the warning signs and when to refer? This workshop will answer those questions and more.

Mental Health and Ministry Leadership

Kelly Minter

Your mental health and wellness matters. Learn how to make it a priority.

Child and Youth Protection Policies

Cristi Moore

Changing Culture of Public Schools since COVID

Heather Lowry

Leading While Deconstruction

Rev. Jad Denmark

Mental Health Families

Dr. Dumville

Creative Devotional Moment / with Art

Vicki Mackey

Ministry Sharing: Discussing Our Wins,

Losses, and What We're Learning

Alison Van Duyne

Guided round table discussion where you can share ideas, ask questions, and find encouragement from other ministry leaders.

What is Changing In Youth Culture

Youth Ministry Institute

A Vocabulary for Being: the Enneagram, Ministry, and How to Load a Dishwasher.

Rev. Michael LeBlanc

The Enneagram was the biggest craze of 2019, but beyond the personalized mugs and memes there lies a vocabulary for how God has made us and the people we serve. This ancient soul vocabulary is more than a personality test, it gives us new words for how God made us. We will talk about the different types, try and zero in on our own types and learn about how our types influence our role in ministry. We will also talk about how the Enneagram can help us minister to parents, students and volunteers.