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Monday Morning Coffee Conversations

11 AM

*Early Bird Classes for New Youth, Children, and/or Family Ministry Workers


United Methodist Theology and Confirmation

Rev. Joel Pancoast

Brief Discussion of the United Methodist Church, Confirmation, and the importance of learning and teaching from a Wesleyan perspective.

Start Your First 18 Months Right

Kirsten Knox

Your first months in a new ministry position can be overwhelming. If you are wondering: Where do I start? What do I prioritize first? How do I move people in a new direction? This workshop is for you.

Monday: Opening Worship

1:00 PM

Rev. Joel Pancoast

Monday: Workshop Session #1

2:00 PM

Serving Children and Youth Who Have Experienced Trauma

Dennis Harper, MA

Rev. Ryan Frack, MDiv, MSW

In this session, led by representatives from the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, we’ll look at trauma and its effects on an individual. We’ll discuss ways to identify signs of trauma, as well as how to best minister to children and youth who may have experienced trauma in their lives. The session will be led by Dennis Harper, Agency Trainer, and Rev. Ryan Frack, Director of Church Relations, at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home.

Moments of Transition in Ministry

Maresi Brown & Tyler Karges

A panel discussion about the transitions between our age level ministries. 

Monday: Workshop Session #2

3:30 PM

Expectations and Metrics for your Ministry

Kirsten KnoxBrian Lawson 

For years the measurements of a successful ministry have been changing. Facing this new reality requires a different way of thinking and sharing the stories of God's faithfulness in the ministry you serve. During this session, we'll explore just how you can tell a new story.

Our Mental Health vs. Our Student's Mental Health.

How can we balance the two? 

Kelly Minter

Ministry is about sacrifice, but what happens when we have to sacrifice our mental health? Is it ok for a season? How do we focus on our students' mental health when ours is shaky also? Which one is the priority? This workshop will address these questions and more, with some real application suggestions. 

Monday: Closing Worship

5:00 PM

Monday: Evening Options

Various Times

7:00 PM  Rocking Chair Conversations:

Idea Sharing, Check ins, and Prayer Time

At camp, folks have been sharing time together on our rocking chairs for decades. This is an opportunity to sit with friends to laugh, to share, and pray with one another.

7:00 PM  Pub Theology with Rev. Jad Denmark - via Zoom

Grab a drink and join in theological discussion. We will send out a form for this discussion to allow those who wish to participate to help curate the conversation with relevant theological topics.

Tuesday Morning Coffee Conversations

11:00 AM

*Early Bird Classes for New Youth, Children, and/or Family Ministry Workers

Youth Ministry 101 - New to Youth Ministry

Juan Flores

Join this break out group to learn about the best practices when starting a new youth ministry job, and be prepared for the long haul. We’ll cover boundaries, vision, taking care of your flock, and administration.

Children and Family Ministry 101 - New to Children and Family Minisntry

Vicki Mackey

Are you new to Children and Family Ministry? Are you looking to refresh on the basics in this ministry role? This class will look into some ocre concepts all children and family ministry folks should hold onto. 

Tuesday: Opening Worship

1:00 PM

Rev. Jose Nieves

Tuesday: Workshop Session #1

2:00 PM

After School Adventure

Kali Grenus

Are you looking for a way to create programming for one day a week or all week long in a non-traditional time at church? After-school programming is a great way to reach your community and feed into students in new and exciting ways. Join in the conversation about how your ministry can benefit from providing care after school, tips and tricks on recruiting volunteers, fun theme ideas and ways to bridge the gap between church and community in new and exciting ways. 

Student Leadership

Kirsten Knox & Brian Lawson

The why, how, and everything in-between on running an effective student leadership team. With these best practices, you'll gain the skills necessary to recruit, develop, and create a healthy system of student leadership that encourages growth and accountability.

Tuesday: Workshop Session #2

3:30 PM

Partnering with Parents

Heather & Joel Pancoast

This conversation is about the perspective of a parent. Joel and Heather will talk through their experiences in Children's Ministry, Middle School Ministry, and High School Ministry. Then conclude with a conversation about parents of college students. How do we need to interact and include parents in each of these ministry age levels?

Mental Health Referrals: When, How, and to whom?

Kelly Minter

What does it mean to "refer" my student for mental health help? How do I find resources to point them towards, and do I vet them beforehand? How do I know what is outside of my ability to assist, and how do I continue to support after they begin to seek help with a counselor/treatment team? 

Tuesday: Closing Worship

5:00 PM

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