Monday Morning Coffee Conversations

10:30 AM

*Early Bird Classes for New Youth, Children, and/or Family Ministry Workers


United Methodist Theology and Confirmation

Rev. Joel Pancoast

Brief Discussion of the United Methodist Church, Confirmation, and the importance of learning and teaching from a Wesleyan perspective.

Start Your First 18 Months Right

Kirsten Knox

Your first months in a new ministry position can be overwhelming. If you are wondering: Where do I start? What do I prioritize first? How do I move people in a new direction? This workshop is for you.

Monday: Opening Worship

12:00 PM

Rev. Melissa Cooper

"Why" Matters More than Ever

Whether it\'s the "why" for your latest online endeavor, socially distanced experiment, or the core of who you are and what you do, the "why" behind what we do in ministry matters more than ever before.

Monday: Workshop Session #1

1:00 PM

The Heart of a Volunteer

Mikiala Tennie

Volunteers are the heart of what we do as ministry leaders, so it\'s vital that we focus on their hearts as we build our ministry teams.

Autism, Anxiety and Virtual Church

Rev. Melissa Pisco

We know the pandemic is causing anxiety to rise in neuro-typical children and youth. How is it likely impacting those on the Autism Spectrum? We will discuss things to keep an eye out for and adaptations you can make to create a safe space for all abilities in your ministry.

Monday: Workshop Session #2

2:30 PM

Ministering to Ourselves

Kelly Minter

We all know that in ministry, we care for others. We also know that we are meant to care for ourselves, in order to care for others. But do we do it? If you do, do you do it well? Let\'s talk about the science behind why caring for yourself first is vital, and some strategies on how to do that.

Ways to Connect with your local Community - Service during a Pandemic

Molly McEntire

As our norm continues to change, we are all looking for ways to get youth, children, and adults involved in serving in our communities. Learn safe and impactful ways to serve your community or ways to connect. Also, learn about the new initiative of Bishop Carter called Fill the table, and how you can be involved in it with all ages. Together we can help you find ways for people to serve and resources for Children, Youth, and Family ministries.

Monday: Closing Worship

4:00 PM

Rev. Corey Jones

Diversity Matters

This message will remind us of God’s intentional desire for a harmonious, yet diverse creation and people. This means each of us receives a unique calling and purpose based on our individual giftedness.

Monday: Evening Options

Various Times

5:30 PM  Virtual Yoga Flow with the Gator Wesley Foundation

Join the Wesley Foundation at UF in their weekly Yoga Flow taught by a professional yoga instructor. 


7:00 PM  Rocking Chair Conversations:

Idea Sharing, Check ins, and Prayer Time

At camp, folks have been sharing time together on our rocking chairs for decades. This is an opportunity to sit with friends to laugh, to share, and pray with one another.

8:00 PM  Pub Theology with Rev. Jad Denmark

Grab a drink and join in theological discussion. We will send out a form for this discussion to allow those who wish to participate to help curate the conversation with relevant theological topics.

Tuesday Morning Coffee Conversations

10:30 AM

*Early Bird Classes for New Youth, Children, and/or Family Ministry Workers

New to KIDMIN Coffee Chat

Vicki Mackey

Join us for a no pressure chat about the ins and outs of KIDMIN. New or not we all have new challenges we are facing in this new era and have some thing we can share. Pull up a mug of coffee or Coke and share your experiences.

Deliberate Youth Ministry Design

Brian Lawson

Insane games, pizza, small groups, sermons, leaders, students, and more. Does all this craziness serve a purpose? Or are we just hoping that somehow this all comes together to make something great?
Youth ministry can be intentional - it can take you, your leaders, and your students somewhere meaningful. In this CORE workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of deliberate design in youth ministry programs and the power this design can make on the lives of students, leaders, and even you.

Tuesday: Opening Worship

12:00 PM

Heather Pancoast

Why? When Ministry is hard.

The life and calling of ministry comes with challenges that make us question why we do it. How do we care for ourselves and our family and create habits that will allow us to live into our calling for the long haul?

Tuesday: Workshop Session #1

1:00 PM

Anti-Racism Conversation

Hosted by some of our Florida Annual Conference Anti-Racism Task Force

  • Rev. Dr. Sharon Austin - Director of Connectional Ministries and Justice Ministries for the Florida Annual Conference of the UMC

  • Alice Williams - Conference Lay Leader for the Florida Annual Conf

  • Alejandra Salemi - Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Florida, Currently Studying Faith and Religion at Harvard Divinity

  • Dr. Judith Pierre-Okerson  

Working Through Your Call and Purpose

Joel Pancoast

Our life journey is one of purpose and meaning. Working in the church confronts our calling often, but it also provides moments of affirmation and direction. This conversation will explore our walk with calling and our exploration of purpose as we walk along with our congregations and communities.

Tuesday: Workshop Session #2

2:30 PM

Connecting Despite COVID 

Michael LeBlanc

Engaging with students has gotten even more difficult. Let\'s work together and find the best way to keep students engaged.

COVID-19, Trauma, and Your Students' Brains

Kelly Minter

Trauma causes changes to the brain. It impacts reasoning, understanding of safety, and ability to grasp advanced concepts. And, all of your students have all been traumatized. The impacts of COVID-19 will be dealt with in their hearts for a long time, so let\'s talk about what that means, and what you can do.

Tuesday: Closing Worship

4:00 PM

Rev. Dr. Candace Lewis

Staying Rooted

This message encourages listeners to acknowledge experiencing and feeling "uprooted" in this season, lamenting our concerns and deciding to Trust GOD to help us stay rooted.